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How to Prioritize Wellness when you are a Mother

Prioritizing your own wellness as a mother can seem impossible in between diaper changes, making meals, working, managing a household and the family, and just being down right exhausted by the end of the day. I totally understand how squeezing in some “me” time just can’t always happen.

I am someone who keeps busy, likes to check off tasks on my lists, I thrive on structure. Becoming a mother rocked my type A world. I realized quickly how much unpredictability there was with children. And not to mention, the extra mental load that comes along with the mom title instantly.

I realized how difficult it was to stay in that boxed mindset. It made me feel as if I couldn’t reach my goals, that I was failing myself, I felt frustrated that nothing went as planned, and I couldn’t understand how others seemed to be able to do it all! Well, spoiler alert…they weren’t! 🙂

So, if you are like my old self, wondering how in the world others make time for themselves, here are few tips!

• Stop comparing! You only see a highlight reel on social media, so do not for one second let someone make you feel you are doing something wrong or not enough. There isn’t too many people out there showing their struggles.

• Assess which stage of Motherhood you are in. So, are you in a stage that is intense, needing most of your attention, such as the fourth trimester? This will determine which intentions you should be prioritizing. In this stage rest, grounding, and healing should be the priority, even practicing communication and self awareness. Not that you shouldn’t prioritize those things anyway, but that should be your focus, not so much getting in a HIIT workout.

• Allow room for life. Life happens and kids can be unpredictable so try to go with the flow if plans don’t go the way you wanted them to. This can be tough, but practicing deep breaths and calming techniques help. Also know, this too shall pass.

• Prioritize doing things that fill you up. The things that recenter you, make you feel refreshed. Even the simple things, a phone call, reading, listening to a podcast. Whatever makes you feel good!

• Organize your priorities, say no to everything else that is a barrier to you completing those tasks. So, make a list of a few tasks you want to complete, including your self care, and confidently say no to the rest. This means writing in 15 minutes of alone time, a phone call to a friend, asking someone for help, reading, listening to a podcast. That also may mean letting the house be messy for a little time, don’t worry it will be there waiting. 🙂 Eventually, you will not let the little things even bother you or get in your way of your priorities.

Life can be so chaotic that are needs get put on the back burner. But if you are looking for permission to put your needs on your list of priorities, I grant it to you! When mom thrives, so does her children. Having fuel to accomplish your day to day routine is important and self care helps you fill that tank. The better you feel, the easier parenting seems.

These are just a few things you can do to feel like you are accomplishing your wellness goals. As a mom, sometimes, we are so caught up in mom life we forget to get back to ourselves. It can feel too chaotic to think of our needs but it is so necessary!

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