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Benefits of Yoga for Moms: Why Every Mom Needs to Add Yoga to their Postpartum Self Care Routine

Why Yoga is So Beneficial to Moms

The Mom title comes along with a busy schedule, wear and tear on the body, the ability to multitask like a champ, and one fulfilled heart. That fulfilled heart keeps us going but it doesn’t keep our fuel tanks filled.Because of the exhaustive demands on the mind, body and soul of a Mom, we need tools to keep those tanks filled so we have more energy and love to give and yoga helps with every aspect of this.

I have done yoga for about a decade but I didn’t make it a regular practice until after I had my son. The lack of sleep mixed with the stress of being a breastfeeding, working mom who’s husband worked away a lot of the time was really the reason I started a regular yogic practice. And I am pretty sure that is what got me through most days. It was such a life changer for me that I became a teacher because, being a Women’s Wellness and “Mom” Coach, I couldn’t just not share these undervalued tools. It truly completed the Balancebuilding Philosophy I had founded years prior. Yoga is a key connector for the ultimate mind body connection, encouraging self awareness which is the foundation of sustaining true overall wellness.

Benefits of yoga for Moms

  • Yoga teaches a grounding practice of deep breathing and calming techniques (bc you know we all need this!) Check out this blog, Diaphragmatic Breathing: The Most Underutilized Tool to Counteract Stress, to learn how to do this on your own.
  • Yoga strengthen, softens, and stabilizes the whole body including the pelvic floor and core, which is important for a strong, efficient, optimal Mom bod. Want to learn more on this, check out this blog post, Yoga and the Pelvic Floor to see how important yoga is for the pelvic floor.
  • Yoga is self care.
  • Yoga doesn’t have to be a long practice, benefits can be seen with just 5-10 minutes.
  • Yoga encourages self awareness which can be helpful in distinguishing depletion before it gets worse. This Blog, How to Connect with Your Body for Complete Postpartum Healing After Baby, goes deeper into this subject.
  • Yoga can improve pelvic floor disorders, diastasis recti, blood circulation, energetic flows, sleep, posture, digestions, confidence, the list goes on and on.

Yoga is for EVERY body! It doesn’t matter how flexible you are, it matters how the practice feels for your body and finding yoga you love. There are many types of yoga and I encourage everyone to find what you really love. So, do not to discount yoga after taking one class that didn’t impress you, because there are so many different kinds of yoga and teachers out there that I am sure you will love. The Women’s Wellness Yoga class that I teach is for every woman, but great for moms. It is a time you can take for yourself and improve your mind, body and soul. I believe every mom not only deserves, but needs self care to not just survive, but thrive through motherhood. Motherhood runs through ups and downs and we need something more than a hot shower that we can rely on to get us through all stages of motherhood.

I want to give you a special gift that I hope you find calmness in. Attached below is a link to a Postpartum safe yoga class that is included with the Ultimate Postpartum Wellness Recovery Online Course. This class is for all moms at any stage. It was created just for you by me, a mom who knows what it’s like in those intense times in motherhood to feel run thin, overwhelmed, exhausted, achey, literally all the feels. Yoga is something you can come to in all realms of motherhood.

FREE YOGA CLASS LINK: Postpartum Safe Yoga for Mom After Baby

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