Accountability with Food Tracking

I talk a lot about intuitive eating and how my hope for my clients is to get to a point that their meal plans end up teaching them portions and macros, enough that they don’t need to follow a plan or track food constantly. But…because balance is ever changing, we can get off track and indulge too much. It happens to even the best of us and what Balancebuilding instills is the empowerment to just get back to the basics and what you know works. Our bodies do let us know when this happens through fat gain, inflammation, skin issues, etc. So, when you need to reel your health back in, I do think it’s important to be honest with yourself and to track what you are consuming. More often than not, we are eating a good bit more calories than we actually think which does make a difference when you are trying to get back on track. Balancebuilding promotes a positive approach to getting healthy and fit that breaks the chains from dieting while keeping things in perspective. This approach allows you to reward your body with nourishing food and movement while your body then rewards you with a healthier, glowing, lighter body. But to get to that, you have to get real and hold yourself accountable for how you are living.

What is the best FREE apps to track your food?

According to Google, these are the best food tracking apps.

Myfitnesspal- I have used this for years! It has a huge food database, macro and calorie counter, meal and exercise tracker. Compatible with most devices.

FatSecret- Meal tracking with image recognition and barcode scanning.

YAZIO- This app offers a personal plan for losing weight, you can create your own meal plans, track calories and daily steps. Syncs up to other fitness apps as well.

MyPlate Calorie Tracker- From the people of You can track water, food, macros and create custom goals. Meal reminders can also be set.

Fitbit- mostly known for logging steps but you can log food, water, sleep as well.

Fooducate- Along with calories, the app tracks the quality of them too. It tracks your sleep, mood and hunger levels. It considers any health issues, even allergies.

There are a lot of options to tracking food, if you aren’t into apps you can go the old fashion way by journaling with a piece of paper and pen. It doesn’t have to be fancy! Happy Tracking!


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