5 Things in my Purse to Stay Healthy on the Go

Staying healthy on the go, impossible? Absolutely not! Staying prepared is a huge factor for anyone with a busy, on the go, life. And now, being a new mom, I am feeling it more than ever! Having to worry about my son and taking along his necessities, I don’t usually have a lot of time to worry about every little thing for myself. But I do want to be proactive and making healthy choices helps me with my energy and mood. Which makes life better for everyone! So I just want to share a few simple tips that have always helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle while keeping up with the day to day rush.

  1. Water Bottle

I cannot go ANYWHERE without my water bottle. If I leave the house without it, I swear my mouth instantly dries up. OK. Maybe a little dramatic, but really, water is so essential and has so many health benefits. Can you buy water while out? Yes, but most places have a water fountain so you can always fill up and you’re not only helping out the environment but you are also reducing your exposure to BPA. BPA can have an extremely negative affect on the body including hormone disruption and cancer inducing qualities. Yea, no thanks

2. Snacks

If I know I am going to be busy running around, I will pre make a protein shake and take it with me or I will just take a little serving size container of protein powder and put it in my purse to mix up later. Super quick and easy, all the while not skipping out on protein which is super important to maintain your metabolic health. I like to keep little snacks like servings of almonds, peanuts, fruit, tuna packets in my purse, at work, anywhere that is convenient. I keep my snacks stocked because I never know when I might not have time to think about grabbing something when I walk out the door. Your future self will thank you for your little snack stash!

3. Gum

Gum is great for avoiding the dreaded cravings! If you have already eaten and you are just not wanting to divert from plan, gum or mints are great to keep the taste buds occupied or buy you a little more time until the next meal.

4. Essential Oils

So why do I use pure essential oils, simply because they work. I keep them everywhere, my room, the kitchen, my purse, work, everywhere!! The health benefits are endless! But make sure you do your homework, because the vast majority of essential oils on the market today are only fragrance quality which can contain extra toxic chemical solvents. The only brand I trust is Young Living due to their strict Seed to Seal process where every step from plant to bottle remains untouched, nothing but the plant’s oil. I carry Lemon oil to put in my water, Stress Away for obvious reasons, and Oola’s Fitness blend for a little pre workout motivation.

5. Emergency Gym Bag

Currently with a new little babe I am doing all workouts at home, but in the future I will be back to this routine. If you keep a gym bag with full on gym clothes and tennis shoes in the car ready to go, there are no excuses to drive past the gym! Keep it ready at all times that way when a moment arises you are prepared! And on mornings when I drive off without my gym bag because, let’s be honest, I am now a crazy bag lady, it won’t matter. It will already be in the car waiting for me to get them sweaty!

It isn’t always possible to stay on track, which is why I preach balance but leaving the house as prepared as possible sets you up to succeed. It can prevent a downward spiral that we are all capable of getting on. These 5 items are small yet huge when it comes to sticking with your goals. A little goes a long way!

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