Welcome to the home of Balancebuilding®!

Feeling complete balance and bliss in life is something everyone strives to have. It seems like a simple task, yet there are people who never experience this in their lifetime. Balance is something that we all must work and build on everyday. It is a practice that involves multiple tools to help guide you there. Building anything can be tough but with planning, attention to detail, love and persistence it is possible. The Balancebuilding Philosophy was created to help alleviate the dieting mentality, by combining information and tools to help others achieve complete synchronicity between the mind, body and soul, for a lifetime.

Ask yourself these questions to see if Balancebuilding is something you need in your life…

  • Are you ready for a wellness plan for life, not just for the moment?
  • Do you feel lost on where to start to achieve your mind, body and/or soul goals?
  • Do you have insecurities that are stopping you from reaching your goals?
  • Have you tried all of the trendy fad diets and are ready for a plan that works for life?
  • Do you spend hours in the gym but do not feel like your body is reflecting your hard work?
  • Do you find yourself binging on food from restricting your diet for so long?
  • Are you someone who cuts carbs just to find that when you add them back, you gain all of the weight or more back?
  • Are you a bikini/figure/physique/bodybuilder competitor struggling in the off season to find a balance between enjoying life and physical goals?
  • Are you a former competitor feeling lost and down, who can’t seem to break the cycle of the prep style dieting to reach your goals?
  • Do you long for the day you are healthy and happy with your mind, body and soul?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Balancebuilding can help you! The Balancebuilding Philosophy is a custom wellness plan specific to your lifestyle, teaching you how to maintain balance for a lifetime.

“I want to thank one more person. This person has stood by me through my first, second, third and now fourth prep. She has motivated me and encouraged me each and every time we have talked. She is the one who gave me first lessons of figure posing, but she lived so far away at that time, that I end up taking over my own posing after few sessions with her. That’s how good she is at it, and all that sass I have on stage came from her!

No matter how long I go without checking in with her, weeks or even months, she always greets me with her heart and her arms wide open and always has nothing but warm, loving and encouraging words to say. She is my front row cheerleader. I already said I have “badass friends” and Brandi so one of them. Brandi Mills, thank you so much for all you have done and still doing for me! For all the love and support, for kind words and understanding when I go silent for weeks and months. You’re the best friend that anyone could wish for.”

Elvera Alieva, IFBB PRO- Figure Posing Client

“Contacting Brandi has been one of my best decisions and has changed my entire mentality on my day-to-day eating.  For the first time in my 34 years, I truly understand the saying “One should eat to live, not live to eat”.  She has taught me the correct way to fuel my body for my workouts and more importantly, how to stay full and satisfied.  I was one of those salad eating, stay on track on weekdays, binge on weekends kind of girl.  I used to think I should reward myself for being “so good” during the week.  Now I am the carb and fat eating kind who rarely has cravings, and now I reward myself daily with energy, joy and balance while eating delicious food.  This is all because of Brandi, who has guided me with a personalized plan to find and build my balance while crushing my goals.”

Samantha Oliverio- Balancebuilding Client